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Sunday, 06 March 2005

Hi all.  I live in Huntsville Alabama.  I am a blue dot in a sea of "red ignorance".  I have more teeth marks in my tongue than taste buds at this point.  The people here are the absolute worst.  They eat whatever lies are fed them by Ruper Murdoch, Dick Cheney, Condo-SLEEZA Rice, and they can't wait for more.  It is simply pathetic.  You can't have even the slightest difference of opinion without being a labeled un-american, a hippie, or my personal favorite, 'A terrorist" yourself. 

   The night of the election I sat at home glued to the TV.  Kerry and Edwards shredded Bush and Cheney in every single debate.  There were WMDs and the economy has gone to hell.  There is nop reason in the world for the beady eyed snake faced daddy's boy to win.  I even took the next day off work so that I may celebrate.  Well I go to bed with no results only to wake up and find that Bush stole another election. 

  In my disgust I went to a local restaurant to get some pancakes and take a break from it all.  The restaurant is abuzz with discussion about the election.  Every TV in the place was tuned to FOX news and I'm feeling like a pink elephant (or donkey I should say) trying to hide myself behind a menu about the size of a CD case.

  You want to know why Kerry lost the election in Alabama?  You wont believe it.  Not any of the subjects that were in the debates were cited in any of the discussions being had by the Bush voters (everyone) in the restaurant.  The reason all of these southern ignorant assed wrestling watching, nascar dad, micro-minded, Rush Limbaugh Loving, Fox News catch phrase repeating Repubtards voted for Bush was because "KERRY'S WIFE HAS A SASSY MOUTH ON HER AND IF HE CAN'T CONTROL HIS WOMAN HE CAN'T WHOOP A TERRORIST  NOWHERE."

   In a nutshell, that was it.  For all the time spent on the debates, and all the issues it boiled down to southern men (and women too I might add) being intimidated by a strong willed independent woman like Kerry's wife.  I felt filthy just being there amongst the primitives.  I feared I was going to turn into Captain Caveman if I didn't get out of there.  So , I left shattered and disgusted finally realizing that you cannot win a debate with a crazy person.

  See the thing about FOX NEWS is that it doersn't deal with facts.  It deals solely on opinion.  You can't disprove an opinion.  It's a deep belief based on nothing solid and that's why the Bible belters love FOX NEWS and the BUSH ADMIN so much.  The take complicated things and downplay them.  Simple minded people love simple answers.  Bush isn't capable of a realistic answer to a complicated problem and they aren't capable or patient enough to hear one so ALABAMA BIBLE THUMPIN' HOLIER THAN THOU IDIOTS AND GEORGE BUSH'S HOLY WAR ARE A GREAT FIT.  The people in Alabama are happy as long as they get to dress up like trees, hide in the woods, shoot wildlife and call it a sport.  As long as the Bush Administration is putting Bullets into Brown people somewhere in the name of America, they are happy.  It's truly pathetic and I am sickened by the people that surround me.

CONDO_SLEEZA RICE - a cartoon by me:)
Written by Brown on 2005-03-06 11:43:11
we live in a lie
Written by sal on 2005-07-15 01:49:42
is anybody in there? 
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