Some of Ansible Group’s Current Clients

Howard Richards, Professor Emeritus, Peace and Global Studies, Earlham University

Doris Brin Walker Law Reform Committee – a National Lawyers Guild San Francisco Bay Area Committee drafting new and modified legislation for presentation to the State Bar Associations of California and the California State Legislature

Coastside Democrats

American Association of University Women – Half Moon Bay Branch *

Julian James Ashton – a child’s site – an archive of incidents in political chatrooms in the mid-2000s. – website beta for construction performance artist and photographer – Tax Practitioner site

Aardvark Legal Document Preparation Services

Deborah Lagutaris, Licensed Real Estate Broker

Ed Pearl – The Ash Grove

Oakland Street Academy High School*

Olivia La Rosa - Political, Economics, Sociology blog

Project to Enforce the Geneva Conventions

Remembering Krista - a memorial

Talk with Marie – Cable and online program site*

TheGirlsProject – Nonprofit organization supporting education for girls*

Understanding the Global Economy – news and commentary on current economic conditions and new ideas that make sense

*Websites are not be maintained by Ansible Group, however, we provide hosting and domain name services.